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Trade Finance Facilities

Trade Finance Facilities

IDMS takes care of your trade finance requirements. We provide our expertise in business and financial consulting, assessment of working capital requirement, complete documentation for business loans, business valuation, reducing cost of capital through competitive rates, Project Financing etc.

We provide following services to our clients:

  • Overdraft Line
  • Trust Receipt (TR) Financing
  • Letter of Credit
  • L/C Discounting
  • Cheque Discounting
  • Local Bill Discounting
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Project Financing

Overdraft Line

It is a financing facility that helps any business to plan expenditure, access to funds so that monthly expenses like utility bills, payments, raw materials and cost of capital can be paid. In case of potential shortfall in cash, a company can use this option.

IDMS will help you in arranging overdraft line to meet your needs.

Trust Receipt Financing

Trust Receipt (TR) is a type of short-term loan for goods imported under letter of credit. TR financing is the best alternative for the purchases.

IDMS arranges finance for purchase through TR financing.

Letter of Credit

A Letter of Credit is a letter and a guaranty issued from a bank to a seller, guaranteeing that a buyers’ payment with correct amount will be received by a seller on time. A letter of credit contains all the details to ensure that all parties have clarity and they are on the same page.

IDMS can arrange Letter of Credit to fulfil your business requirement in UAE.

L/C Discounting

It is a form of short-term credit for a seller by a bank. Through discounting, a seller gets paid immediately even if a buyer wants to have credit period.

IDMS helps its clients in L/C discounting in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.

Cheque Discounting

In this case, clients can take cash from the bank on the security of post-dated cheques received from customers. Banks only provide this facility when they are certain that they will receive the amount from the customer on due date.

IDMS can help you and arrange cheque discounting facility so that you can meet your short-term working capital requirement.

Local Bill Discounting

A client can pledge its local receivables to a bank and get immediate cash facility in return to manage daily operations. The receivable is treated as collateral and a bank provide pledged amount to the client at an agreed interest rate.

We can arrange local bill discounting for you within UAE to fulfil your cash requirement.

Bank Guarantee

In business, sometimes a situation may arise when a client asks to do business through Letter of Credit or a Financial Guarantee from a third party. To execute this process, services of expert banking consultants are required.

IDMS can assist you in arranging bank guarantee in such situations. We will coordinate with the leading banks on behalf of you.

Project Financing

Project financing plays a vital role in financing development projects throughout the world. All kinds of projects including power plants, transportation structure, chemical processing plants, manufacturing plants, and telecommunication infrastructure are being financed all over the world.

It is a method of funding in which a lender closely looks at the feasibility and revenues generated by a single project to ensure the repayment of the financing and to assess security for the exposure.

It is important to build the case for financing a project through banking consultants who have sound knowledge and expertise. IDMS can help you in preparing your case to secure project finance in Dubai and anywhere in UAE.

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