Debt Restructuring

IDMS also assist clients by providing a plan of action to restructure your debt, if needed, depending on their total debt burden and ability of repayments. This includes their Credit Cards settlement, reducing their outstanding balance, decrease in monthly payments, changing loans from high interest to low interest and resolving delinquency.

Credit card Restructuring

When an individual has past dues on his credit cards, it is always recommendable to settle the credit card in one go. If he cannot afford one-time payment, he should go for the restructuring with a reduced interest rate. Therefore, by paying a fixed monthly amount, he can completely get rid of his credit card!

IDMS experts assist client to restructure their credit card and propose them the viable options after analysing their repayment capacity in one of the following methods:

  • Restructuring of Credit Cards up to 4 years with reduced interest rate
  • Restructuring of Credit Cards up to 12 months on 0%


Personal Loans Restructuring

It gets difficult for an individual to manage his monthly instalments within his limited income if he has multiple personal loans with high interest rates. IDMS experts help him in restructuring the loan with reduced interest rate and with a longer tenure in order to reduce his monthly payments. Hence, he can easily manage to pay the instalments within his limited income bracket without borrowing further and without defaulting in future.

Instant Debt Management Services

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