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No one can imagine what kind of a difficult situation it can be when an individual is under a debt burden. Particularly speaking, it is a point in life when your creditors are constantly issuing and addressing threatening letters, legal notices and above all, calling you even at odd hours & communicating with you in the worst of their temper and tones. They constantly keep pushing you to make payment immediately and do not even allow you to discuss your personal financial problems which leads you to the situation of FURTHER BORROWINGS. In order to have a healthy life, doctors recommend a diet plan that needs to be religiously followed. Similarly, in order to have a healthy financial status, IDMS recommends a healthy and sound debt management plan to lift off their financial stress. Following are the steps we take, while coming up with a debt plan for you.

    • 1Initially, we analyze your monthly income along with your monthly expense .
    • 2After analyzing, we arrive at your current DSR (debt servicing ratio/ repayment Capacity).
    • 3Based on this ratio, we re-write your EMI / monthly payout that would address all of your liabilities in a manner acceptable to all the parties.
    • 4This would eventually help in reducing the burden of interest and also save you from being penalized with further panel interest and other financial charges
    • 5We, then, consolidate your debts and arrive at your net outstanding
    • 6Now you are ready to say Goodbye to creditor hassle.

When you speak to IDMS, we probe deeply in your shoes and feel for you and analyze how much you can realistically afford to pay your creditors, so that you can start paying off your liabilities with the money you have in hand without further borrowing. We are debt management specialists, providing debt advice to all those seeking money also for their unsecured debts such as credit cards, loans, auto loans, business loans etc. Through our tried and tested debt management program, we will put you in the control seat to debt freedom instead of your creditors dictating terms and conditions to you. We, therefore, will ask you about your debts, income and outgoings, so we can provide proof to your creditors that you can’t afford to honor current obligation. Debt management is an informal arrangement between you and your creditors, but we do all the work and negotiate with your creditors on your behalf so you can stop worrying. We realize how much stress debt can cause, so through our debt management service we aim to take this burden away from your shoulders so you can enjoy life again because this stress would limit your vision for repayment.


You may end up making a wrong or expensive repayment decision and might also fulfill less important obligation at the cost of most important obligation. Dealing with various debts can be quite stressful and having payments due at different times of the month can seem also like a never ending cycle without any relief. Our debt management plan helps simplify this for you so that you can only pay what you can afford.


Usually the new payment is less than half of your existing payments, but it will depend on your situation. IDMS provide debt management advice to help you repay your debts, by offering you someone to talk to about your worries. If you’re leaving statements to pile up and juggling balance transfers just to get by, then let IDMS step in. We can provide you with debt advice with respect to your loan liability or credit card liability; we can deal with it on behalf of you with your creditors. It’s easy to be trapped by debt, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s a lot less stressful than you think. IDMS, knows it can be hard to talk about debts but we’re here to take that stress away from you. You’ll be surprised how easily a quick chat about your situation with one of our friendly advisors can change your life. Let’s see, how our debt management plan can be the start of you being debt free. It’s easy to put it off, so call us now on IDMS or simply enquire online.

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