About the Company


We at IDMS, work in conjunction with a number of regional banks to assist individuals and SME segments in reducing their financial burden by proposing them suitable and economical ways to manage their liabilities within their limited income. We also explore various options to enable them to continently switch to a better and preferential WIN-WIN interest rates in a structured manner approved by the respective bank.

We help customers to choose in between various financial products offered by financial institutions to finance their personal and business financial requirements. Our decisions are truly based on cross- product comparison, preferential interest rates, product education, innovative tools and ideas, in-depth understanding of the product terms and conditions. We have a strong belief in acquiring information in reference to the upcoming marketing trends and business approaches, which plays a vital role in decision making.

Furthermore, we also assist our valued customer in the legal matter and issues that may arise for time to time due to delinquencies. We also assist our valued customers in recovering their funds from their debtors. Our highly understanding and caring consultants bring with them a wealth of experience specific to this region. This individual experience is further enriched with profound and intense, knowledge along with professional achievements of the directors from time to time. We also keep abreast of the current market changes and upcoming policy enhancements.

Lastly, unlike any other financial organization, at IDMS, we believe in being more customer oriented by conducting an in-depth analysis of their financial position and provide a suitable stable plan to them in totality to address all the financial shortcomings. Our proposed plans are structured and designed solely keeping in mind the customer’s re-payment capacity and ensure that further delinquency is avoided.

Instant Debt Management Services

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