Debt Consolidation and Management Services

IDMS (Instant Debt Management Services) is the UAE based Financial Consultancy, Counseling and Debt Management Consolidation Company based in Dubai. Our board of directors bring with them years of experience and vast knowledge acquired via personal association with most of the leading bank in the U.A.E. Furthermore, we also assist our valued customers in legal matters and issues that may arise from time to time due to delinquencies. We also assist our valued customers in recovering their funds from their debtors. Our highly understanding and caring consultants bring with them a wealth of experience specific to this region. This individual experience is further enriched with profound and intense knowledge along with professional achievements of the directors from time to time. We also keep abreast of the current market changes and upcoming policy enhancements. Lastly, unlike any other financial organization, at IDMS, we believe in being more customer oriented by conducting an in-depth analysis of their financial position and provide a suitable stable plan to them in totality to address all the financial shortcomings. Our proposed plans are structured and designed solely keeping in mind the customers’ re-payment capacity and ensuring that further delinquency is avoided. We also offer our services to businesses from SMEs to large enterprises to help them in improving their working capital, providing better trade finance options, mortgage financing for our clients in the property market and fleet financing.
Debt Counselling

IDMS is well aware of the fact that debt problems can be mentally and physically exhausting for any individual who is into a trap of it. Our first step is to arrange a one-to-one meeting with that individual to analyse his current financial situation.

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Debt Restructuring

IDMS also assist clients by providing a plan of action to restructure your debt, if needed, depending on their total debt burden and ability of repayments. This includes their Credit Cards settlement, reducing their outstanding balance,


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Personal Loans

IDMS also assist in getting various types of Personal Loans such as, salary transfer loans, PDC loans, business loans, etc. Based on an individual’s financial requirement, our experts will guide them which financial product they should go

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Debt Settlement

Debt settlement will be our next step after an in depth analysis of your entire financial burden. Our experts’ negotiation skills and network can help save our clients, a huge amount of money. It’s always crucial for individual to find out how much he can save

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Debt Consolidation

Consolidating of debt refers to the multiple credit cards along with the unsecured loans into one loan. IDMS help individuals, to consolidate their multiple credit cards and loans into one loan with reduced interest rate.


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Financial Consultancy

Our financial consultants have vast knowledge and experience in financial services sector. Every business is taking a brunt of faltering economy pushing companies to secure more funds to run operations of the business.

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Instant Debt Management Services

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